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What Do You Need to Start a Home Based Business?

Are you ready to take the plunge and start your home based business? Many people have the desire to work from home, but few people have the nerve. This is understandable. Running a home business isn’t easy, and success isn’t guaranteed.

Still, this shouldn’t stop you from at least trying. So what if the business venture doesn’t work? You can always return to the workplace - or better yet - choose a different opportunity. If you have the drive and persistence, something good is bound to happen.

And the best part…most home based businesses can be started with little up-front cash. Since you’ll run the business from your home, you won’t need to look for office space or hire an assistant. Home based businesses differ; as will the initial supplies. Today, it seems as if more and more freelancers operate online businesses. This includes freelance writers, affiliate marketers, wholesaler, virtual assistants, etc.

Anyone who decides on these business ventures can start tomorrow without spending a dime. The requirements: a computer (preferably a laptop), Internet, printer, and a quiet workspace.

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4 Surefire Ways to Tick Off Your Clients

angry.jpgIn previous posts we’ve discussed how to show client appreciation, and I’ve offered tips on running a successful work at home business. For the most part, the key is establishing a good relationship with clients. This keeps them happy…and you’ll stay busy.

Of course, keeping a client satisfied isn’t always simple. Let’s face it, some people are impossible to please. You can bend over backwards for them, give their projects priority, deal with their mess - and they’re still not happy. In these instances, your level of restraint and professionalism doesn’t matter - you can’t control every outcome, and you can’t please every client.

Still, we can control the outcome of most situations. And sometimes, a client’s dissatisfaction is our fault. Before pointing your finger and hitting the blogosphere to warn other freelancers about a particular client, take a hard look in the mirror and consider your role in the mess.1. Did You Follow Instructions? - Read more

3 Ways to Show “Client Appreciation”

thankyou.jpgIf you’re looking to run a successful and profitable freelance business, repeat business is the key. I’ve been a freelance writer for five years, and during this time I’ve worked with numerous clients - some long-term.

Long-term relationships are the best. Since assignments are normally steady, you’re practically assured a regular check. But, long-term relationships don’t always start off that way. Sometimes we have to go the extra mile and show our appreciation. If your clients are happy…your business will thrive.

Here are three ways to show your appreciation, which can potentially turn one-time or sporadic assignments into a recurring gig.

1. Respect their Deadlines: Read more

What Does It Mean to Be “Self-Motivated?”

motivate.jpg“Self-motivated,” is a term we hear often in the freelance world. Along with other vital skills, it seems as if individuals and companies who post an ad for a freelancer or telecommuter always seek a person who’s self-motivated.

But, what does it mean to be self-motivated? More importantly, are you self-motivated?

According to, there isn’t an actual definition for self-motivated. However, there is a clear definition for the word motivate, which means: to provide with an incentive; to impel; to move to action.

We’re motivated by many factors: people, fear, religion, our children, etc. These are the people and things that influence our decisions or tell us what to do; the outside forces that push us forward; the things that trigger our actions.

Being self-motivated is different. Read more

How to Deal with Disappointment?

disappointment.jpgEven though disappointments are an inevitable part of life, they’re never easy to deal with. As a work at home professional, you’ll likely deal with your fair share of disappointments. A lucrative deal could fall through, a loyal client might move on, or it may take longer than expected to grow your business.

I’m no stranger to disappointment. Fortunately, it’s not a regular occurrence. Yet, I’ve dealt with two or three hard hits. You know, the kind of disappointment that takes away your will to work. I was a freelance finance writer for a mortgage website, and for six months I created articles on every imaginable personal finance topic - with no problems. Then all of a sudden, the company pulled a disappearing act. They stopped responding to e-mails, and didn’t pay me for the final assignment, which would had been a month’s salary. Disappointment doesn’t describe how I felt….which was angry. Read more

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