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The Truth About Working From Home, Part 3

Other Myths that Home Office Workers Encounter:

People believe that if a service business shows their home address on their business card that they will get drop in’s. I’ve never had anyone stop uninvited since 1986. Vicki Lynne Morgan

I’m not a “real” business because I work from home. The reality is I do over $500,000 in sales every year working by myself. There is no support staff, it’s me, me and me doing all the work. If it’s not done at 5 It gets done at 8 or 9 or 10. Remy Fenster

People often think that the only way to work from home is to be a writer or to own your own business, but if you have the right experience and skills there’s all sorts of jobs you can do in part or fully from a home office. From nurses who do utilization review to software developers to teachers that work for online schools - with the technology available today - there’s a huge range of opportunities. Sara Sutton Fell

“Many people believe that working from home is wonderful, easy, flexible and offers many advantages not found in an office setting…[However some people can] find themselves feeling lonely. Even more find they can never really leave work/the office.” Stacy Robin The Degania Group, LLC

I heard once that one is not a serious interior designer if she works from a home-based studio and does not have a storefront. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. First of all, by not having a store front and responsibilities that come with it I can be much more focused on actual design work. Secondly since I do not have all the cost that comes with owning a store I can offer my clients all that stores offer but at much better prices. And last but not least, many store owners have no design expertise at all and there is so much more to designing a room than having a resale number.Olga Adler

The truth is I do have a lot of flexibility in my day because I work at home. However…If I don’t manage my time well, I know I’ll pay for it later when projects aren’t done on time, or my family will suffer because I have to work instead of spending time with them. Denise Willms

There’s a myth that working from home is not a ‘real job’ but in reality, there are over 16,000,000 home-based businesses in the United States at this very moment. Lauren Milligan

It’s a myth that people that work out of their home are not as driven, or as serious about growing their company because they choose to stay working out of their home. In reality, for many of us it would be a waste of money to pay for an office outside the home, with or without staff. Shari L Frisinger

Those who work at home have to work hard to continue to proove their worth to a company when they don’t have regular “face time” at the office like others do. And those who work-from-home as self-employeds don’t get paid if they don’t work. Consequently, they aren’t lucky, they are hard workers! Mary Byers -Author, Making Work at Home Work: Successfully Growing a Business and a Family Under One Roof

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