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Does Space Matter?

Posted by on October 30th, 2009

We can talk all day about the challenges of working from home–distractions, lack of motivation, isolation, and the list goes on. And it seems as if everyone’s offering advice on how to make the most of work at home life. It’s important to consider many factors before leaping into telecommute or work at home life. […]

Telecommuting Tips: Planning for Time Off

Posted by on October 15th, 2009

Everyone needs a break from work. And with the end of the year coming up fast, many people are beginning to make their vacation plans. But while some people are open to the idea of enjoying a few days away from their computer and e-mail, others will enjoy their vacations with their work in tow. […]

Telecommuting Tips: Be Patient, Not Desperate

Posted by on August 22nd, 2009

I can’t remember where, but I recently read a work at home column, wherein the writer cautioned aspiring work at home professionals and advised them to be patient when looking for real work at home opportunities. As someone who was born to be self-employed, I’ve encountered my share of disappointments and scams. And in each […]

Reminder: Never Pay for a Work at Home Job

Posted by on August 15th, 2009

I can’t tolerate dishonest and greedy persons. And I have even less patience for companies who prey on the misfortune of others. (warning—I may get a little carried away with this rant) Let’s back track thirteen years. About six months after graduating high school I responded to a job ad looking for temporary workers. As […]

How to Reduce Paperwork

Posted by on July 23rd, 2009

Regardless of how hard I try, I can’t seem to keep a clean office. But it’s not entirely my fault. I share my home office with my husband, who also runs a small business in addition to his day job. I’m happy to say that more than 90 percent of the paperwork belongs to him. […]

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