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Posted by Valencia on September 23rd, 2009

I check my e-mail religiously—at least two or three times an hour. But some days I get a little sidetracked and I don’t bother to check it until the end of the day. Presently I don’t have many clients, so I can afford to go hours without checking my inbox. But believe me; my attitude would be completely different if I had to communicate with my clients on a daily basis.

This subject actually reminds me of a time when I missed out on a GREAT opportunity because I failed to “check-in.” I had applied for a copywriting job, in which the editor selected another writer.

Well, it didn’t work out with that particular writer. And the editor needed to replace the writer immediately. The pay was great, and the topic interesting—in other words, the perfect opportunity.

I was next in line for the gig, and the editor notified me by e-mail.

I didn’t read the e-mail until ten hours later. And by the time I responded, she had already chosen another applicant. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Opportunities come knocking when you least expect them….just make sure you’re around to open the door.

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