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Putting Your Failures and Disappointments Behind You

Posted by Valencia on September 13th, 2009

There’s no such thing as a “perfect telecommuter, business owners or freelancer.” We want our endeavors to succeed and we want our businesses to grow. But sometimes, we as freelancers make mistakes. Some mistakes are easily reversible, whereas others have lasting consequences. We also set goals for ourselves; and if we’re fortunate, we’ll actually hit them. But regardless of whether you’ve been freelancing for ten years or ten months, you’re bound to deal with failures and disappointments. Maybe your brilliant ideal that was supposed to take over the world didn’t pan out; or perhaps your employer reneged on a telecommute agreement and called you back into the office. Whatever the situation, you can’t let this type of negatively cloud your head. It’ll impact your productivity and motivation; and if you dwell excessively on disappointments, you may talk yourself into throwing in the towel.

So, what do you do?

You put the bad thoughts behind you and you get back in the game. So what if things didn’t work out the first time around. This doesn’t mean you’re a complete failure, nor does it mean your second or third attempts will fail. Stay positive, expect ups and downs, and most importantly….smile.

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