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Posted by Valencia on August 22nd, 2009

I can’t remember where, but I recently read a work at home column, wherein the writer cautioned aspiring work at home professionals and advised them to be patient when looking for real work at home opportunities. As someone who was born to be self-employed, I’ve encountered my share of disappointments and scams. And in each and every case, desperation played a huge role.

I was either low on funds and needed immediate money, or I disliked my current employment and needed a quick fix. As a result, I hastily chose work at home opportunities and didn’t always follow my gut. Fortunately, I didn’t waste hundreds of dollars on scams. But as college student (at the time) with little cash…the amount I loss significantly impacted my finances.

I became wiser–and patient–and as a result, I stumbled upon real opportunities from legit companies. Before moving into freelance writing, I worked for a medical transcription company and a bankruptcy firm–from home. Neither opportunity required an investment, and the hourly wage exceeded the wages paid by restaurants and retail stores.

Real opportunities do exist. But when desperation fuels the search for a telecommute position, the chances of being scammed increases. Scammers play on your desperation. They know you need money for the rent, utilities, car payment, etc. They know how to sale their opportunities, and honestly isn’t their strongest virtue.

A person who doesn’t need immediate cash is more likely to ponder an opportunity and weight the pros and cons. They’ll likely recognize contradictions, and ask questions for clarity. And they definitely won’t give their money to another person or employment agency, in hopes of finding a suitable work at home position.

As a rule, opportunities that appear “too good to be true,” are usually scams. And job advertisers that require urgent action are usually in a hurry to rip you off.

The opportunity of your dream is out there. But don’t expect it to magically drop in your lap.

Research companies, consider the risks, weigh the pros…and most importantly…be patient.

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