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Posted by Valencia on August 15th, 2009

I can’t tolerate dishonest and greedy persons. And I have even less patience for companies who prey on the misfortune of others.

(warning—I may get a little carried away with this rant)

Let’s back track thirteen years. About six months after graduating high school I responded to a job ad looking for temporary workers. As a full-time college student I didn’t need a lot of money, and I thought part-time work would provide me with enough cash to get through the months. The company called to set up an interview. And like a professional, I borrowed one of my mother’s suits, drafted an error-free resume and arrived at the interview on time.

I waited in the lobby for ten or so minutes and then spoke with a young lady–perhaps a few years older than myself. She gave a brief overview of their clients, and basically promised me a weekly salary.
She talked fast, not really giving me a chance to digest everything…and then it happened. Before the company could find a position for me, I had to pay an $80 fee. Red flags immediately went up and I politely declined and left the building. Something about paying someone to find me a job didn’t feel quite right. And as I would learn years down the road, these job opportunities–be it work at home or temporary–are almost always scams.

Until last week I had completely forgotten about that experience. But sadly, one of my friends was recently scammed–by the same company. She responded to a similar job ad, and the interview was held in the same building I visited more than a decade ago. Of course, the company now operates under a different name. And unlike the $80 they wanted me to pay in 1996, today’s fee is four times that amount.

To make a long story short, the company agreed to defer the upfront fee and debit her account in 30 days. That was a lie–they took the money within 24 hours. Additionally, they guaranteed work. This was also a lie. They gave her a handful of job leads..but many positions had been filed for weeks, whereas other jobs had already received an influx of applicants from the same employment agency. So, they were basically recycling job leads.

When my friend called the employment agency to question the early debit and unreliable job leads, a rude supervisor blew her off and basically called her a liar, saying, “we never promised to defer the debit.”

Unlike similar stories, this story does have a happy ending. My friend contacted her bank immediately, who then filed a complaint against the employment agency and credited her account. Ironically, our local news station aired an investigative piece on the employment agency a few days later.

Business opportunity fees are usually legit, wherein the funds go towards training and materials. But if looking for a job (telecommuting or on-site), bypass companies that require a fee. It doesn’t matter how friendly and trustworthy a person looks, or whether it sounds like a good opportunity. They can’t guarantee work..and oftentimes…they only want your money.

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