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Why Do I Freelance?

Posted by on August 30th, 2009

I work for two very important reasons… 1. I like having my own money, and 2. I want to keep my mind sharp. Now, I’m not knocking anyone who chooses not to work…it’s a personal choice. And with so many household and family responsibilities, I can understand why many people–especially women–choose not to work. But […]

Telecommuting Tips: Be Patient, Not Desperate

Posted by on August 22nd, 2009

I can’t remember where, but I recently read a work at home column, wherein the writer cautioned aspiring work at home professionals and advised them to be patient when looking for real work at home opportunities. As someone who was born to be self-employed, I’ve encountered my share of disappointments and scams. And in each […]

Reminder: Never Pay for a Work at Home Job

Posted by on August 15th, 2009

I can’t tolerate dishonest and greedy persons. And I have even less patience for companies who prey on the misfortune of others. (warning—I may get a little carried away with this rant) Let’s back track thirteen years. About six months after graduating high school I responded to a job ad looking for temporary workers. As […]

Finding Support as a New Telecommuter

Posted by on August 12th, 2009

Transitioning from employee to telecommuter has it’s share of ups and downs. On one hand, the flexibility of making your own hours and avoiding morning commutes is appealing. But on the other hand, telecommuters often encounter periods of loneliness, and they deal with distractions that can slow progress. Knowing what to expect as a telecommuter […]

Burning Professional Bridges

Posted by on August 7th, 2009

Thinking back, I’ve probably burned about two bridges in my career as a freelance writer. In both instances I was contracted to complete projects for difficult individuals who didn’t understand the meaning of “personal life.” This was in the past, and I don’t regret my decision to bail on the projects. I’ve said this before…my […]

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