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Telecommuting Tips: Working at Home With Kids

Posted by Valencia on July 10th, 2009

I applaud every parent who’s able to work at home with kids. I don’t have children. But I have attempted to work with my two-year-old nephew running around the house. And between the extra noise and keeping him within my eyesight, I didn’t get much work done. But if I had to do it on a daily basis, I’m sure I would find a way to balance everything.

Countless moms and dads choose careers that let them remain home and care for their children during the day. And while working at home with kids presents it’s own set of challenges, there are ways to get through the day.

Consider daycare: I know, the purpose of working from home is generally to save money on weekly expenses such as child care. But even if you can’t afford to enroll your child in daily care, consider putting them in daycare one or two days a week, or hiring someone to care for your child inside the home. They’ll entertain the little ones, and you’re able to complete your work.

Take your child’s schedule into consideration: If you telecommute for a company, planning your day around your child may not be a feasible option. But if you’re running your own business–and you have the ability to set your own hours–consider working a few hours in the early mornings or evenings when the children are asleep; and take advantage of nap times.

Plan daily activities: The key to reducing interruptions during the day is keeping your children busy. Choose toys and activities that will hold their attention and stimulate their mind. And while I don’t advocate using the television as a babysitter, putting on their favorite movie can provide a coupleĀ  hours of quiet time.

Take frequent breaks: Spend time with your children during the day. This can include having lunch together, or taking 20 or 30 minute breaks to run around outside or enjoy another activity.

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Reader Comments

Great tips. I’m tweeting them out to my followers now. My daughter goes to daycare or grandma’s house when I’ve got a full telework day planned.

I could’t agree with you more! Most days I have complete care for my kiddos through daycare, however there are times when I will telecommute and allow them to stay home with me. The key is activites and setting boundaries. My kids and I have setup ways to communicate that do not make noise (hand signals, notes, etc) so that they know how to approach me when I am on the phone. Thye also know where in the house they can be noisy and where they can’t be, this has been very important as it helps me to accomplish my work w/o noise and frequent interruption.

Day to day, it is much better and they are happier if they are in daycare, but it can work, you just have to plan the day right :)

well, your Points are nice, i think key to reducing interruptions during the day is keeping your children busy is the best One..

I bill for a boston gastroenterologist. I am so lucky to be able to do this from home but it’s hard to take phone calls when the kids are up. If outside childcare is not an option, it’s really important to organize your day well. I always want be professional so I do office work while the kids are awake and make all my phone calls when they are napping.

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