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What Defines a “Real” Work at Home Job?

Posted by Valencia on June 21st, 2009

Earn $12,000 a week from home

Legit home assembly jobs

Be a work from home mom!

Do any of these job ads sound familiar? Type in a simple Google search for “work at home jobs” and you’ll stumble upon pages of pages of so-called legit work at home opportunities. But after further investigation–and perhaps falling prey to a few scams–you’ll discover that the majority of jobs promising the moon rarely pay a dime. They’ll request a fee. But instead of providing consistent work, they’ll provide information on “how to” find work at home jobs and send you on a never-ending hunt.

But don’t let the scams discourage you. Real work at home jobs do exist, and finding them often means weeding through bad opportunities. So, how do you know whether a work at home opportunity is real?

  • Reputable company: Google the company’s name or check rip off reports for customer complaints. Real companies typically have real websites that include their physical address and telephone number. If you doubt a company’s legitimacy - keep looking.
  • Unrealistic claims: As a young entrepreneur there were times when I naively believed work at home job ads that promised an obscene amount of money in a week’s time. But after being scammed–twice–I became wiser and realized that if I wanted to make thousands of dollars a week, I better go to med school.
  • No Fees: If looking for employment outside of the home, would you pay potential employers a fee to conduct your interview? If not, then why should you pay for a work at home job? When companies request a fee, they’re not interested in helping you fnd a job. They want to make money, and they’ll boost their profits by any means necessary.

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As far as I am concerned, me being a person who works from home, I only took such jobs that pay according to your contribution. I am a linguist and so I am collaborating with a translation office for translation of documents and also translating some books as a freelancer. I recommend this kind of activities.

If they sound too good to be true then I would be very careful. Nobody would get up very early in the morning if they could earn double the money from just staying at home. Freelance work from home is okay but usually the money isn’t.

Yeah thats right. money isn’t really that much if you are a freelancer. its a hard job and not that easy.

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