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Meet Shari L. Frisinger: Communicator, Trainer and Speaker

Posted by Valencia on May 13th, 2009

Ever wonder what it would take to communicate effectively with co-workers, employees or team membes and increase your bottom line? If only we knew the secret.

Now, you don’t have to play the “guessing game”. Communication in business is essential. It’s the way we express our visions and disappointments. And when team members are unable to adapt to different communication styles, problems are likely to develop.

Shari L. Frisinger, the mastermind behind CornerStone Strategies, works diligently to provide companies with the communication skills necessary to run a successful business, reduce workplace irritation and improve their bottom line.

Let’s speak with Shari and learn about her exciting business.

1. Tell us about your business?

We work with companies that want to grow their team, reclaim their time and increase their bottom line.  Uncertain times are breeding grounds for confusion, misinterpretations, ambiguous words, survivor’s guilt, scarcity mentality and conflict.  Our clients are astute enough to realize that while these situations can work themselves out, the frustration and conflict that occurs can be damaging.  We combine behavioral and communication styles with emotional intelligence and how your brain works to improve your inter-personal, intra-personal and neuro-communication activities.

2. How do you promote your business?

Networking within various organizations for both personal and professional development.  I am on Twitter [shari_f], LinkedIn and Facebook.  I tweak my website content weekly, write a blog 3-4 times a week and have had articles published in numerous on-line and hardcopy publications.

3. Did you make any mistakes in the beginning? If so, what were they and how did you learn from them?

Oh yes! LOL!  I assumed that once I joined the local chamber of commerce, my phone would be ringing off the hook and I would be swamped with business.  I also did not create a realistic and workable business plan or goals.  I learned to ask for referrals instead of believing that because my clients thought I was great they would automatically recommend me to others.  And to ask for the business.

4. How do you balance work, household chores, hobbies and children?

This can be difficult, especially with my travel schedule.  In the evenings, I work in the living room with my laptop instead of on my desktop in my office [except when I am facilitating on-line classes].  I take Saturdays off — before I work on a Saturday I check with my husband.  He can be my sanity in these cases.  Sunday I limit my work to the afternoon [3-4 hours], and either focus on one rather large project, or those little pesky items that separately don’t take long to do — it’s when you don’t do them for days that they add up.  I remind myself that building my jigsaw puzzles on a Saturday afternoon really does have value!  I also allot about 30 minutes every evening to read — whether it be a business book or something purely for pleasure. It’s not easy, and occasionally I do get tempted during the middle of the day to do laundry.  When that happens, because it is rare, I succumb to that.

5. What future plans do you have for your business?

Of course to grow, it’s ‘how’ that will be the challenge.  I will continue using “virtuals” - virtual assistant, virtual marketers, virtual PR firms, virtual web designers, along with other independent contractors.  I enjoy working out of my home and will put off moving to an outside office as long as I can.

6. What advice would you give to new (and aspiring) work at home professionals?

Set boundaries — for your family, for your clients and most importantly for yourself.  Decide when you are at work [whether you are dressed 'professionally' or not], how you will stay focused on running and growing your business and ignoring interruptions.  Most importantly —- have an effective support group, master mind group or hire a coach.  It can be all too easy to become immersed in the non-revenue producing activities [social media is one current example] and wind up not completing one activity that is either marketing or business development related.

- Thank you!

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