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Posted by Valencia on April 20th, 2009

Until two years ago, the phrase “Earth Day” meant absolutely nothing to me. I cared about the environment, but not enough to modify my personal habits. I was wasteful, I didn’t recycle, and I preferred my toxic chemicals over biodegradable products. But something changed. I don’t know exactly when the change occurred, or why. Maybe it had to do with age or maturity. But about two years ago I became environmentally aware, and I wanted to make a difference - or at least do my part to preserve the environment.

From that point forward I decided to “green” my life - and I started with my home office. This is where I spend a large percentage of my time during the day. And after a close evaluation - I use a lot of energy. But I found ways to cut back….

  • Turn off the air conditioner and open a window
  • Buy recycled ink cartridges
  • Print double-sided copies
  • Use less printer paper and ink by saving documents on my computer (besides, hard copies create more clutter)
  • Get rid of the Glade plug-in and light a candle
  • Keep the lights turn off - open the blinds
  • Recycle scrap paper and water bottles
  • Turn off the radio, television and computer when you leave the room
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs

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