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April 22, 2009 - Administrative Professionals Day 2009

Posted by Valencia on April 16th, 2009

Also known as Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professional Day is the one day of the year when office administrative assistants are praised for all their hard work. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked in an office, but I have fond memories of this day.

It was March or April 1997 - my first real job after high school. I had only held the position for a week. But on Secretary’s Day, I was taken out to lunch, and I received flowers and goodie baskets from some of my co-workers. Needless to say, I began to look forward to this day.

Fast forward 12 years - I don’t have an office assistant, so I don’t have the privilege of showering someone with appreciation and gifts. But if I did, believe me - I would. Administrative assistants or office assistants do a lot of brunt work. And oftentimes, they don’t receive the credit they deserve.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a home-based business or rent an office space, if you have someone to answer your phones, type your memos, file your paperwork, run your errands, babysit your children, brew your coffee, handle customer complaints, etc - let them know how much you appreciate their services. Nobody is suggesting breaking the bank and going beyond your means. Do what you can - a gift card, roses, a simple acknowledgment. Or if you’re feeling very generous - how about a raise?

It doesn’t take much to show your thanks.

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Reader Comments

I work at a church, I am the only secretary and the only pastoral administrative assistant office person/secretary. My boss (pastor) did not say a word, notice me coming into the office today or even say 2 words to me other than to pick-up line one when his wife called. I wish someone cared enough to say something to me.

I worked for a church and got the same. Remember GOD loves you. ;-) Now I work for a lawyer and NOTHING!!!! Oh well, GOD loves me.

No one here acknowledge the day either — they just wanted us to do more.

Today my boss brought me in some beautiful hydrangea flowers (my fav), got me a nice card with a $150 gift card for spa services at a very posh resort nearby and bought me a delicious lunch.

Yesterday, b/c there are 4 of us Admins here, 2 Executive Assistants (I’m one of them), 1 Admin/Receptionist and 1 Temp Admin….we all bought each other small gifts and cards…it’s been very nice to say the least.

thanks for sharing .I wish someone cared enough to say something to me.

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