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Posted by Valencia on April 12th, 2009

My taxes are completed, and for the first time all year I can breathe a sign of relief.

My husband works in the sales field and I’m a freelance writer - so, our income varies every year. We never know what the damage is going to be. But I’m happy to report that for the first time in five years, we’re actually getting a Federal return. And because I’ve been putting money aside for taxes - I’m double happy. I get money back from the government, and I’m able to keep cash in my pocket.

All thanks goes to our new accountant. Our personal and business finances aren’t complicated, so we didn’t have an accountant . As I discovered this week, that’s been a big mistake on our part. Every year during tax season we would gather our financial statements and head to Liberty Tax Service. They would complete our taxes in less than an hour, reveal our tax bill, and charge us a huge fee.

After talking with an entrepreneur who uses an actual accountant for their tax preparations, we decided to go that route this year. The service was excellent, our tax preparer was very knowledgeable, and it worked to our advantage. And the best part…the preparation cost was $300 less than what we paid last year with Liberty.

When I think of all the money I could had saved in the past…I only wish I had used an accountant sooner.

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