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I Need a Hobby - That Doesn’t Involve a Computer

Posted by Valencia on February 27th, 2009

Today I came to the realization that I spend entirely too much time on the computer. As a freelance writer, I use my computer and Internet to make money. Therefore, I find myself staring into a bright computer screen for a few hours each day. However, I think five years of online copy writing is beginning to take it’s toll, and I deal with eye strain at least three times a month, and each episode lingers for days.

But the problem isn’t only my job. I stopped working around the clock a long time ago. Nowadays, I work a few hours in the morning, and I spend the rest of my day working on personal projects and enjoying a little leisure time. Unfortunately, my leisure time also involves the computer. And even though I don’t work morning, nights or weekends, I feel as if I’m always glued to the computer.

Even when I plan to unplug and give my eyes a break….I can’t. I use the Internet for practically everything - catching up on local news, reading celebrity gossip, paying bills, playing games, diagnosing myself with a life-threatening illness (I’m a bit of a hypochondriac) and the list goes on. The Internet is my hobby. And while it cures my boredom, I don’t know if my eyes can handle much more.

Last week, the Work Shak blog offered some fabulous tips on dealing with computer strain. I’m definitely going to look into other pastimes. Perhaps I’ll read a book or take up drawing. But in the meantime, I’ll practice a few of these tips and see if I notice a difference - if my eyes don’t work, I can’t work….

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Along with proper ergonomics, taking regular breaks from the computer to do eye exercises can help prevent or reduce the effects of computer eye strain.

Our eyes and vision were designed for viewing distance as hunters and gatherers, and not for ongoing near work as required by regular computer use. As a result, Computer Eye Strain is becoming one of the major eye complaints heard by eye doctors today.

Symptoms can include increased myopia, blurred vision, headaches, slow refocusing, difficulty concentrating, neck, shoulder and back pain

Eye strain can be reduced significantly by taking regular breaks from the computer, resting your eyes, stretching and doing eye exercises.

For a demo of 3 great eye exercises by Dr. Grossman, one of the Country’s leading behavioral optometrists, go to

Dr. Grossman also offers his free eye exercise booklet at his website at Natural Eye Care Free Eye Exercises with his 11 favorite eye exercises and acupressure eye points to massage regularly.

Finally, there is also an excellent section at his website on “Computer Eye Strain” under “Eye Diseases” that provides a Computer Eye Strain “Self-Help“ section with great tips of relieving eyestrain due to computer use.

Also, a few research studies show that supplementing with 6mg per day of astaxanthin per day significantly improved eye strain at week 2 and 4 of the test period.

For more information, go to Natural Eye Care for Computer Eye Strain

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