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Are You a Pushover?

Posted by Valencia on February 15th, 2009

According to the web definition, a pushover is “someone who is easily taken advantage of.” In life, I am by no means a pushover. But looking back to my early freelance days, I recall a few incidents when I may have let clients get the best of me. There were individuals who arbitrarily changed the terms of my agreement to serve their advantage. I’ve also had a few clients pull a disappearing act, in which I wasn’t paid for services rendered. And then there were the clients who paid when “they felt good and ready.”

But I’ve grown over the years, and I think I know how to handle myself pretty well. I can usually sense a dishonest client a mile away, and I’m no longer afraid to part ways when a client and I don’t see eye-to-eye. But what about you?

Here are seven signs that you “might” be a pushover….

  • You say nothing when a client reduces your pay, but increases the workload.
  • You have plans to spend the weekend or day with your family, but you cancel your plans when a client contacts you with a last-minute project.
  • You never complain when a client’s payments are habitually late.
  • You let a client talk you into working while on vacation.
  • You’re afraid to tell a client, “no.”
  • You communicate with your client more than you do with family and friends.
  • You let your clients speak to you with a rude or arrogant tone.

So, are you a pushover?

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thanks for sharingcc

We couldn’t deny the fact that there are a lot of persons who takes advantage of the things that involve to us, As we reach the peak of success we should be able to determine if someone is using as for one’s own benefit.

As well as the group could possibly be and. Yet intended for an inexpensive fairly neutral article, that operates.

good article and thanks for sharing!

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