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Telecommuting Jobs: PT Data Entry, Workforce Management, Recruiter, Editor

Posted by All Diva Media on August 5th, 2008

Normally I raise three alarms when I hear of “data entry work”, but this time I might have found a good one. Also, if you are in or near Pasadena, CA be sure to check out the temporary contract job from eHarmony.

We aren’t guaranteeing the quality or legitimacy of any of these jobs; we are just putting the information out there for you to research.

Job: Part Time Data Entry

Company: High Tech Professionals

Notes: This is a data entry position where you will work just part-time (4-6 hours per week, less than 1 hour per day). In this position you will sort incoming email, enter resumes into our database and post job openings. May require 1-2 hours per week of evening work. This is an independent contract position.

Apply: Here


Job: Workforce Management Administrator (Telecommute)

Company: Princeton Information

Notes: The Workforce Management Administrator maintains a complex infrastructure in a VMWare environment supporting the global corporate WFM system providing maximum up time and availability, technical support, disaster recovery, audit reporting, access methods, validation checks, security, documentation and statistical methods.

Apply: Here


Job: Recruiter

Company: High Tech Professionals

Notes: In this position you will recruit and qualify candidates for open positions, Interview and ask for referrals.Should have high-speed internet connection and home office with up-to-date computer and Windows operating system. Should be able to work 30-40 hours per week with occassional evening and weekend work as needed. Must live in Pacific or Mountain Time zone, and/or be willing to work Pacific Time Zone hours (approximately 8am - 5pm).

Apply: Here


Job: Freelance Project Editor

Company: eHarmony

Notes: eHarmony is looking for an Editor to complete a short-term Editing and Content Management Project. This editor will be reviewing an archive of older articles and providing a new and improved edit, in line with several SEO guidelines. The next step will be to input the articles into our content management system, and document the finished project. Training for use of the CMS and SEO activities will take place on-site in Pasadena, CA. The work can be done via telecommute

Apply: Here

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I do freelance web editing during the weekends and I must say that it’s great work. It’s pretty easy especially if you like reading and writing. I get about 4 to 5 essays to edit in a day and I guess that’s a reasonable workload for a weekend. An extra income doesn’t doesn’t hurt anyone!

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