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Posted by Valencia on April 29th, 2008

angry.jpgIn previous posts we’ve discussed how to show client appreciation, and I’ve offered tips on running a successful work at home business. For the most part, the key is establishing a good relationship with clients. This keeps them happy…and you’ll stay busy.

Of course, keeping a client satisfied isn’t always simple. Let’s face it, some people are impossible to please. You can bend over backwards for them, give their projects priority, deal with their mess - and they’re still not happy. In these instances, your level of restraint and professionalism doesn’t matter - you can’t control every outcome, and you can’t please every client.

Still, we can control the outcome of most situations. And sometimes, a client’s dissatisfaction is our fault. Before pointing your finger and hitting the blogosphere to warn other freelancers about a particular client, take a hard look in the mirror and consider your role in the mess.1. Did You Follow Instructions? - Most clients provide freelancers with project instructions. They know how they want the finished project to look. As freelancers, it’s our job to deliver the completed project to their satisfaction - not our own.2. Are You Professional? - To maintain a good and lasting relationship with a client, you have to be professional - it’s a must. This involves responding to their e-mails and other correspondences in a reasonable time frame. Remember: the client isn’t your buddy or pal. Therefore, lose the casual tone and write professional e-mails.3. Did You Skip-Out on a Project? - This goes hand-in-hand with professionalism. Although freelancers make their own schedule and enjoy a level of freedom, it’s never a good idea to go on vacation or take time off without notifying a regular client. As a courtesy, inform your clients of vacations and days off in-advance.4. Did You Flake on the Deadline? - Deadlines serve a purpose. Nobody cares that you’re overwhelmed, sick, or tired. If you can’t meet a deadline, let the client know. Ask for an extension.

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