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How Well Do You Handle Criticism?

Posted by Valencia on March 25th, 2008

critic.jpgWhether it’s constructive or harsh, criticism isn’t always easy to swallow. As a freelance writer, I’ve dealt with my share of criticism - some good, some bad. It’s a part of the business, and anyone who wants to be a freelancer should learn how to deal with criticism - fast! An editor or client might request re-working an assignment, or a blog reader might consider it necessary to pinpoint every minor typo.

I’ll be the first to admit, it isn’t easy in the beginning. You’ll come across clients who are happy with your work, which can boost your self-confidence and you feel ready to take on any new challenge. Then it happens. You complete an assignment, turn it in, and the client isn’t pleased.

What do you do?

The one thing you shouldn’t do is become defensive. I know it’s hard, and you’ll probably think “how dare he/she criticize my work. I did exactly what they asked.” Maybe you did. However, regardless of whether a client is too picky or didn’t clearly state their need, the goal is to complete the assignment to their satisfaction. In turn, they’re happy and you get paid. Besides, the way you handle constructive criticism says a lot about yourself. If the client likes what they see, this might open the door to a long-term, lucrative contract.

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Reader Comments

Great post!

As a writer, handling criticism is a part of the job. I always try to view it is a chance to learn.

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