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Posted by Valencia on March 17th, 2008

fired.jpgIndividuals who are able to revel in work at home life are either self-employed persons or work at home employees. Telecommute employees are becoming more and more common as many corporations assess the advantages (increased productivity, low turnover, etc.) However, even after convincing their employer to experiment with telecommuting, some work at home professionals find a way to mess up the arrangement.

Some employers are on the fence when it comes to the issue of telecommuting. Although the agreement benefits their bottom line, employers may have to confront employees who spend the greater portion of the day goofing off. Our homes are a hotbed for distractions. Even if you have a designated workspace, it’s easy to sleep late, take longer lunch breaks, or take a day off!

If you’re able to multi-task, stick to a schedule, and overlook daily distractions - your employer will have little or no complaints. On the other hand, if you’re frequently unreachable during the workday, can’t complete assignments within a reasonable time period, or if customers habitually hear your children in the background - be prepared to pack up your home office and return to the workplace.

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Working at home requires hard work and self discipline. Since your boss and peers are no longer around, you must have proper time management in order to be effective in your work.

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