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Posted by Valencia on February 29th, 2008

scam.jpgSo, you’re ready to leave your current place of employment and become a telecommuter. You’ve looked at different work at home job boards, and found a few good leads.

There are plenty of legitimate work at home opportunities available. Still, picking the right venture isn’t easy. With so many work at home scams, it’s no wonder that some people are hesitant to become a telecommuter.

Before hitting the Internet in search of the perfect work at home opportunity, consider four ways to identify a work at home scam.

1. “No Skills Required” - Why would a legitimate employer hire someone with no skills? Since most work at home jobs involve some sort of clerical task, it only makes sense for the ideal candidate to have some computer skills, knowledge of computer software, and perhaps customer service skills.

2. “Earn $3,097 Part-Time” - Ads that state specific income earnings are almost always a scam. Besides, if you could really earn that much money working less than 40 hours a week - everyone would work from home.

3. Who’s Hiring? - You might stumble upon a very vague job ad. For example, “Perfect opportunity for recent graduates and stay-at-home moms. Apply Now!” This ad has two major problems. First, who’s doing the hiring? Second, what does the job entail? No company name, no job description!?! It’s definitely a scam.

4. Upfront Fee - Shady employment agencies may pose as real employers and post phony job ads to lure candidates. Once you arrive at the interview, they’ll attempt to sell their services and charge a finder’s fee. Never pay for a job. If you want to invest in your future, use the money to start a business.

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[...] Telecommuting Diva offers her list of 4 warning signs of a Word at Home scam. I’ve met more than a few people taken in by these sorts of scams over the years. Reading a warning list like this might have helped a few of them. The rest have never listened to any good advice before in their lives. It’s not likely they’ll start now. [...]

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