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Posted by Valencia on January 18th, 2008

I applaud every WAHM who can actually work from home and care for their children at the same time. There was a time when I juggled kids and a freelance career. I don’t have any children, but I worked in my mother’s home daycare for several years. It takes time to grow a freelance business, so I multi-tasked as a childcare provider and writer. It was hard, but I did it. Of course, my mother and sister were also in the house, wherein I could disappear in 30 minute increments to complete writing assignments.

Still, the laughter, crying, and constant movement was a huge distraction. A mini crisis occurred every time I got into a writing zone and I would have to abruptly stop my thought and care for the children. Staying on schedule was impossible. I would plan to write ten articles a day, but I was fortunate to complete four or five.

How do work at home moms do it?

I realize it depends largely on the child. Some children know how to entertain themselves, wherein WAHMs can complete their assignments with few disruptions. Then again, some children require a lot of attention. They want mommy to play, watch television, or read a book - which is okay. This is the reason why many women choose to work at home. Rather than devote 30 or more hours to outside employment, they prefer self-employment and quality time with their children.

Even so, mothers need time to work. Sure, you can always wake-up early or go to bed late. I know a few WAHMs who begin their day as early as 4 a.m. If you can live with this type of schedule - more power to you! However, most people can’t function at this hour - at least I can’t.

I know that hiring a babysitter kind of defeats your purpose. The idea is to be with your children so that they don’t need a childcare provider. Yet, some telecommuters can’t balance work and children. Sometimes, all it takes is two or three hours of no interruptions. You don’t have to enroll them in daycare. Hire a college student or trade-off babysitting services with another WAHM. Afterwards, you can spend the rest of the day with your kids and enjoy a full eight hours sleep.

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Reader Comments

I was a babysitter for a stay at home mom who just needed a little break every now and again to do housework and errands. She was a bit over her head both of whom needed a lot of attention. The children barely noticed the change in routine, because I just played with them for a couple hours. I highly recommend a babysitter, because it took a load off this mom’s shoulders and allowed her to have more QUALITY time with her children.

I don’t require too much sleep about 3-5 hours nightly. I’m usually awake by 2:30. I would say I get a lot completed while she is sleeping. I can devote my time to research and writing my articles. Those early morning hours are the times when I’m my most creative.

During the day I tweak my articles, work on creating, packing, and shipping products (for my daughter) and hanging out with my daughter. I’m homeschooling her.

At times, it can be challenging, but it’s worth it. If I need a lot of time to devote to my business or freelance writing, her grandparents will watch her.

Friday - Sunday is our special days. I usually take her out for some activity. I spend time with her throughout the week, but she recognizes those days as being “extra special.”

I was planning on writing about this topic soon, lol. I’ve written about it on a few of my other websites but not Addicted to Writing.

Whoops (for my daughter) should have read (with my daughters help.) Although her help usually requires more work, lol

I have to admit that I’m not that great at juggling working and mothering at the same time (granted, my daughter is a busy 2.5 year old). I work when she’s asleep, usually in the evening. Or I find that in the morning she is groggy and therefore content with watching a DVD for a while. I write in the evenings and blog hop/search for jobs in the mornings.

But it’s not easy, by any means. I’m finding that both my business and my daughter suffer. I’m looking into daycare or a babysitter, or a combination of both.

This may not be a solution for everyone, but if you live in NYC, you might want to check out the New York Kids Club. There are 4 locations in New York (brooklyn opens in April) and semester long programs for kids 6 months to 12 years old. You can drop them off for a few hours of great fun learning time while you get your work done. There is a great variety of classes, so even if you have kids of different ages, each will have a great choice from martial arts, rock climbing, and gymnastics to cooking and music making.

Hit me up with questions as I am wroking with them now, or check out hte website for yourself at

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