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Posted by Valencia on January 14th, 2008

A strong, regular client base is one way to ensure enough work. I like to have at least three or four regular clients. Yeah, it gets hectic at times. But if one client pulls the plug, I have three to fall back on.

Although multiple clients provide a sense of security, it can be difficult to keep up with varying payment schedules. Some clients pay every week, bi-weekly, or once a month. Likewise, clients have different preferred methods of payment. You may be able to negotiate a payment method. But in most cases, the client will decide a payment method for you, in which you can either accept or deny the assignment.

Shai Coggins from Just Make Money Online offers a list of five online payment systems for telecommuters. Paypal is my personal favorite. It’s quick, easy….and with my Paypal debit card, I can immediately access funds in my account. Yeah, it sucks when a client pays with a credit card. If you haven’t noticed, Paypal keeps approximately 3.5% of each credit card payment. I guess it’s a small price to pay. This way, I don’t have to stalk the mailman.

I realize the pros to paper checks. This method is easier for some companies. Telecommuters get paid the same time as on-site employees, and the payroll clerk doesn’t have to manage multiple payment methods. Plus, paper checks allow for easy record keeping. Still, I’ll take modern technology over paper any day. Electronic payments eliminate weekly bank trips. I have a busy schedule, and my sanity depends heavily on keeping minimum items on my daily to-do-list.

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Reader Comments

Ya, even though paypal is easier, sometimes I feel the company takes advantage of that with the fees. But, Paypal is only really not worth it for larger jobs because the company will take a larger fee. For smaller fees, the amount paypal takes seems to be about the amount of postage anyway.

I agree…we do take a financial hit on larger projects. I make a mental note to write-off Paypal fees at the end of the year….it’s makes me feel better. :-)

My mistake, the blog author’s last name is Coggins, not Collins.

While I tend to be a techno-geek, I’m still a little hinky on PayPal - mainly because I’ve never used it before. I’m a bit new to the freelancing field, though.

One day, I hope to have as much experience as everyone else here :)

PayPal is my favorite method too, but I have a number of clients who still write and snail mail checks. As long as the payment arrives in a timely fashion, I’m happy to get it.

I have a personal and business Paypal account so in some cases I can avoid fees when I receive payment.

I always to get paid into my paypal account. I created a premier account on Paypal two years back and have been using it for all kind of transactions since then

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