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Posted by Valencia on December 24th, 2007

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned work at home professional, you’ve likely experienced moments of self-doubt. Being your own boss isn’t always easy, and you’ll encounter several challenges along the way - especially in the beginning. You may even second-guess your decision to work from home. Perhaps your income isn’t quite right, or maybe you can’t find new clients, which makes your 9 to 5 seem like a piece of cake.

Like most successful telecommuters, you shake off negative thoughts and re-focused on the positive - Freedom, Flexibility, Your Own Boss. Still, this type of life isn’t meant for everyone. Before you say goodbye to a steady paycheck, consider common work at home pitfalls, and then decide whether this is the life for you.

  • Isolation: There are no co-workers, office parties, group luncheons. It’s just you and a computer. For many people, this is the dream job. You can work in peace and not have to worry about office politics or gossip. On the other hand, if you thrive off social interaction, the alone time isn’t a welcome mat. I enjoy working alone. Still, there are times when I wish another person were in the house.
  • No Set Schedule: Work at home jobs are appealing because we can make our own schedule. Choose to work in the mornings, evenings, or on the weekends - it doesn’t matter. As long as the work is completed, your client is happy. Unfortunately, some telecommute people take it to another level. They become addicted to their business and work non-stop. Their entire existence revolves around the business, which leaves little time for family, chores, and other obligations. Before choosing a telecommute career, seriously consider whether you can separate work and home.
  • Self-Discipline: Again, working at home isn’t for everyone. Beside the alone time, you’ve got to have a measure of self-discipline. You don’t have a boss - you are the boss. Thus, it’s your job to find new clients and generate income. This often involves rising early in the morning and putting in a full day’s work - at least in the beginning. Once the business starts to thrive, then you can take a step back and relax.

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I have been working at home for quite some time now and it is really true that you need self discipline and hard work. After I gave birth, I have been working at home and I just love it. I get to earn well and I am able to spend more time with my family.

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